I just wanted my ring. Is that too much to ask for? First you didn’t give me a 15ths and now you robbed me of MY HIGH SCHOOL EXPERIENCE. My normality.. Everyone gets there class ring? So what if I don’t attend that school? I did for the last two years, and even part of this year and I will be there all of next year… THAT IS MY SCHOOL, my friends are all there. (Just because you go to Colombia for the summer dosent mean that your house in Miami has been abandoned) I just wanted to have a good memory of high school. My sister has hers and my oldest brother had his…. My other brothers might not give a shit BUT CLEARLY THIS MEANT ALOT TO ME. How dare you say that about me? YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE. I swear to god the day i walk down that stage I expect you to buy me A FUCKING RING AS A GRADUATION PRESENT, you stupid fucking dick. Fuck you and your cheap ass self centered bullshit. You fucking cunt. Fuck you FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU. Lost some respect for you. You stupid fucking prick. I should take your class ring and pawn that shit, take the 50 and get me a mani pedi, you stupid fucking hypocrite

Reasons why you don’t give people the time of day.

I was hanging out with some guy that I had a crush on in middle school. He was that guy everyone wanted and of course never really took a second look at me… So I thought it was going to be one of those things where he talks about his shitty life and I get to talk about all the great things I’ve done and get my chance to show him what he missed out on, but nope. I was so high that everything was a “wait.. What?” And it got to the point where he told me to “Activate”… He was testing my intelligence, towards rap music. Like he kept asking me who was the artist of a song and even when it was evident that I didn’t know, he kept asking me.. He asked me to find the song that currently playing, just to see if I knew how to work my ipod. He made me feel incredibly stupid yesterday and all this over thinking is making me feel insecure.

I’m not the type of person to give a fuck about any of this but he was so rude and I’m actually letting him get to me. Which is gunna stop right now.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, I can just breath and finally relax.

I’m perfectly fine the way I am. Even if I don’t know as much about rap music as the average teen.